Our beautiful cherry trees were planted in 1932,  soon after the houses were built in 1929. The glorious pink spring blossom has given joy to successive generations. 

We found an article about the trees in the Chiswick and Brentford Times in 1971. According to this article the trees were planted to commemorate the Borough of Brentford and Chiswick being granted its charter by a Mr. Collier, the foreman at Chiswick House Grounds. 

Another article from the Chiswick and Brentford Times in 1992 explains how local residents raised £1,220 to purchase and plant 17 young flowering cherry trees. The photo on the right below shows the planting in 1992.

We also found an article in the Hounslow Informer from 2005  that describes how a cherry tree was planted in a German town on the 60th anniversay of VE Day to remember the victims of the first V2 flying bomb, which crashed into the Staveley Road.  The tree being planted by our former Councillor and Mayor of Hounslow Paul Lynch, Val Bott, Dirke Zache and Rd Hans Robert Metelmann, minister of culture for the state of Meckelburg Vorpommen, as is shown by the photo on the left below.

There is a very interesting article about Chiswick, the Blitz and the V2 which fell in Staveley Road on the Chiswick Book Festival website.

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Blossom Day W4 was formed in October 2019 to protect the trees for future generations.  A street party was planned for April 2020 and was postponed until April 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Planting in Germany in 2005Planting in Germany in 2005

Planting trees in 1992Planting trees in 1992