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Blossom Day W4

Staveley Road W4 is blessed with a beautiful avenue of 91 Prunus Kanzan cherry trees. 

Blossom Day W4 is a group of local residents established in October 2019 to ensure our trees survive and thrive in perpetuity.   We are working to raise awareness of the challenges faced by our trees.

An uncertain future

The trees face an uncertain future.

Council funding has been cut overall by 40% over the last decade. Tree maintenance has now been outsourced to Hounslow Highways under a 25 year contract, with nineteen years left to run.  Tree pits have not been maintained and operatives working at speed have damaged tree trunks with mowers and strimmers. A recent independent survey reported that the life expectancy of 13 out of the remaining 91 trees is at risk due to basal damage.

In addition, recent hot dry summers as our climate changes have led to the failure of young saplings when not adequately watered.  There is now a real risk that our beautiful avenue may not survive to give joy - and cleaner air - to our children and grandchildren.

Below we are discussing new saplings with managers from Hounslow Highways:

With Hounslow HighwaysWith Hounslow Highways



Please help us

Please Join our group as a volunteer or donate and help us save our trees:

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