Poetry Gallery

Primary School Category
Maya Ilkiewicz – Year 1, Grove Park Primary School – Blossom Day


 Bella Fletcher – Year 6, St Mary’s Catholic Primary School – The Heralding of Spring



Secondary School Category

Skyla – Year 9, Chiswick School – Cherry Blossom
Matheo – Year 11, Chiswick School – Spring
Jovana – Year 7, Chiswick School – Poem About Spring
Kate Lucas – Year 12, Harris Westminster Sixth Form – Blossom Trees



A coil squashed bursts into life

At godly heights above the people and their passing feet

‘you have not defeated us’ they protest in fireworks of throbbing colours,

Velvety colours, softening the dark mornings


Sometimes wind pierces the idyllic day, a cold knife against soft flesh

A silent descent, careful and measured

A scattered blanket warms the concrete underfoot

Snow fall of delicate petals; the children build blossom men in the streets.



Highly Commended

Ruby – Year 7, Chiswick School – Smile
Orson – Year 9, Chiswick School – Orson’s Spring Haiku
Nathan – Year 8, Chiswick School – It’s Springtime
Ruqia – Year 11, Chiswick School – Spring is moving with an eagerness in its heart